(Terms & Conditions)

With this document it is agreed:

1. Definitions and Interpretation of Terms

Unless indicated to the contrary, references to the below expressions in this Terms and Conditions and any supplementary agreements shall have the following meaning:



Means an independent party (natural or legal person) who has signed up to the direct internet traffic to the website of the Company, has completed the Company’s affiliate registration procedure and has been accepted by the Company as an Affiliate.


Affiliate Portal:

Means the affiliate interface area (or back-end) where Affiliates login and view their personal data, affiliate profile, commissions generated, statistics, complete/update their personal and payment profile, create additional Tracker IDs and access the Company’s promotional, advertising and/or marketing materials.


Affiliate Commission or Commission:

It is the remuneration outstanding/received for the affiliate services provided to the Company and which is calculated in accordance with the set Affiliate rate and in compliance with the contractual provisions. The Affiliates shall be paid when the terms and conditions of this Agreement are satisfied.


Affiliate Program:

Means the Company’s Affiliate Program which can be found at



Means the agreement (hereafter “the Agreement” or “the Terms and Conditions”) between COME WITH ME EDUCATION LTD (hereafter “the Company” or “us”) on the one part and the Affiliate.



Means COME WITH ME EDUCATION LTD, which is incorporated and registered in the Republic of Cyprus with current office address at Zirichis, 2nd Floor, Flat/Office 301, 3048, Limassol, Cyprus, +35770087075, email:, website:, is a private limited company registered under License Number HE 390680.


Referred Client(s) or Prospective Client(s):

Means any natural or legal person who has been or is been referred by the Affiliate and/or has been directed to the Company’s website through the internet by means such as a website or online network or any online media group approved by the Company.


Qualified Client(s):

Means a referred Client who meets the conditions set out in this affiliate agreement (i.e. the purchase of the Company’s services).


Payment Plan:

Means the procedure in place and agreed Affiliate Rate with which the Affiliate Commission is calculated and describes how the Affiliate receives the Commission and when.


Prohibited territory:

Means the Country which is part of the list of countries which the Affiliate is not allowed to target, as specified in Appendix 2 of this Agreement.


Tracker ID:
Means the unique link (i.e. Tracker URL) and/or personalized ID which is used to identify client activities and calculate commission.


Tracking URL:

Refers to a specific hyperlink or another link tool which refers to our webpage as well as to every service via which you refer to potential clients for introducing and promoting the services of the Company.


Intellectual Property (rights):

Means but is not limited to: existing and future the Company patents, trademarks, logos, banners, creatives, design rights, brand names, commercial presentations, trade or business names (including domain names), registered designs, copyright (including rights applicable to computer software), rights to data bases, know-how, client lists, literature, business strategies, e-books, tables, charts, trade and other business secrets.



Means the Company’s registered Trademark, “Human Capital Pro”, “HCPro”.


2. Acknowledgement and Warranties

2.1. The Affiliate acknowledges and confirms that (s)he is eligible able to enter into this Agreement and that is approved and /or authorized and /or qualified under his(her) local regulatory requirements to offer the services mentioned in this Agreement.

2.2. By accepting this Agreement, the Affiliate enters a legally binding contract with the Company.

2.3. If the person agreeing to this Agreement on behalf of a company or entity hereby represents and warrants that (s)he is authorised and lawfully able to bind that company or entity to this Agreement.

2.4. The Affiliate has completed the age of 18.

2.5. If the Affiliate is a company or other entity, the Affiliate is well repute, duly organized, valid and in good standing under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction.

2.6. The Affiliate is not an agent or employee or representative of the Company but only carries on operating as an independent contractor. The Affiliate is not allowed to use the Company’s logo in any correspondence, business cards or on any electronic transmission etc. unless (s)he acquires prior written approval from the Company.

2.7. The Affiliate acknowledges that the Company reserves the right not to pay any commission generated to the Affiliate if there is strong suspicion that the Affiliate is unlawful, commits fraud or engages in illegal activities.

2.8. The Affiliate is not allowed to use instant messaging or email, or any other means except the unique referral link/Tracking URL and must not be in direct contact with the Prospective Client. This URL is embedded within the Company marketing tools which are available on the HCPro Affiliate Portal.

2.9. The Affiliate is responsible for the accuracy of all information sent via the internet using access codes.

2.10. The Company will not be liable for any loss, liability or cost (including consequential loss) suffered or incurred by the Affiliate as a result of instructions given, or any other communication that has taken place via the internet.

2.11. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damages that may occur to any equipment or software due to any viruses, defects or malfunctions in connection with the access to, or use of, the Company’s website, Affiliate Program, or the Affiliate’s means connected with the referral URL.

2.12. The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that (s)he is responsible for the payment of all relevant duties and/or charges and/or taxes arising from the course of the Affiliate’s business.

2.13. This Agreement together with any Addendums, Appendices or Annexes, as amended from time to time, set out the Terms & Conditions upon which the Company will offer the affiliation program and shall govern the business relationship between the contracting parties.

2.14. This Agreement is non-negotiable and overrides any previous or other agreements, arrangements, express or implied statements made by the Company unless the Company, in its sole discretion, determines that the context requires otherwise. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, please cease using our services and inform us in writing immediately by sending an email to

2.15. The Affiliate acknowledges that (s)he has read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement without modifications.

2.16. Any breach by the Affiliate of any of the representations and warranties set forth or anywhere else in this Agreement renders the entire Agreement or any part of it voidable, in the Company’s absolute discretion. The Company further reserves the right, acting reasonably, to suspend and/or refuse access to and use of the Company’s services and/or Affiliate Portal and/or Affiliate’s account.


3. Provision of Affiliate Services

3.1. By accepting this Agreement, you agree to act as an intermediary of COME WITH ME EDUCATION LTD. In accordance with this Agreement, you will act as a mediator between the company and prospective Client(s) for introducing and/or explaining either physically or electronically the services that COME WITH ME EDUCATION LTD is offering to its clients, and acting as a facilitator that will do all that is necessary for the qualified Client(s) to establish a long-term business relationship with the Company. This Agreement and the Payment Plan are deemed valid for the duration of your intermediary activities.

3.2. For the purposes of fulfilling his/her duties under this Agreement and with the aim to secure the conclusion of a business relationship between COME WITH ME EDUCATION LTD and Client, the Affiliate is entitled to proceed to the following actions:

> Introduce and promote the products and services of Human Capital Pro to prospective Clients;
> Provide information on Human Capital Pro and its products and services to prospective Clients;
> Distribute to prospective Client(s) information regarding Human Capital Pro and its services, through presentations and/or educational seminars or advertising campaigns and events in accordance with the requirement and upon written consent of COME WITH ME EDUCATION LTD;
> Facilitate explanation of Human Capital Pro business, policies and activities;
> Assist the Company with respect to the presentation and introduction of the Company’s products and services to prospective Clients;
> Perform any other actions provided for or required by this Agreement or applicable legislation.

3.3. The Affiliate is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to display the Company’s mark and any banners as these will be approved by the Company to display on the Affiliate’s website for the sole purpose of providing a link for the Affiliate’s website to refer internet traffic to the Company’s website.

3.4. The company shall be entitled to revoke this license at any time and at its sole discretion.

3.5. The Company’s marketing materials, including but not limited to the logos, banners and videos, should be clearly placed on the Affiliates’ website or other online referral media or network with the purpose to redirect the prospective Clients to the Company’s Website. You agree to display any of our Intellectual Property and marketing material on your website(s) solely for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Company’s products and services.

3.6. The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that (s)he will always use our Intellectual Property in a lawful manned and in strict compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3.7. The company may, upon reasonable prior notice, instruct the Affiliate to cease using or displaying creative, promotional/marketing material or any other the Company Intellectual Property for any reason, at any time.

3.8. The Affiliate is required to obtain the Company’s approval prior to uploading any information regarding the services or products offered by the Company and in the case where the Affiliate needs to change any Company related information that was initially approved.

3.9. To provide the prospective Client(s) with true, accurate and complete information regarding the Company, its activities, products and services;

3.10. To clearly inform the prospective Client(s) what is the business relationship between (a) the Affiliate and the Client and (b) between the Client and the Company;

3.11. To distribute any kind of informational material (i.e. presentations/educational seminars) in accordance with the Company’s guidelines and prior written consent;

3.12. To act in good faith at all times, throughout the duration of this Agreement, and not make any false and/or misleading representation or statements with respect to the Company and/or the Affiliate Program and/or the Company’s products and services and/or not engage in any other practices which may affect adversely the image, credibility or the reputation of the Company and its services;

3.13. To provide sufficient evidence of ownership of their blog and/or website and/or social media profile and/or of any other means used for his/her promotional/marketing activities as these may be requested from time to time by the Company;

3.14. Without prejudice to the obligations of the Affiliate under this agreement the Company is not responsible and has no liability for any advice or recommendation or decision provided by the Affiliate to the referred Client.

3.15. The Company shall have the sole discretion in accepting or rejecting the claim(s) of the Affiliate in the event of any disparity between the claim(s) made by the Affiliate and the Company with regards to the referred client.

3.16. The Company bears no responsibility in case access codes are used unauthorised by any third-party.

3.17. The Company is not liable or responsible for any marketing or promotions initiated by the Affiliate and for any costs or charges or any damage or loss generated from such an activity.

3.18. The Affiliate undertakes the necessary precautions to ensure the confidentiality of all information that is accessible by him/her via the Affiliate Program.

4. Affiliate Payment Plan

4.1 The Affiliate shall be entitled to receive the commission as set out in the Appendix attached hereto which forms an integral part of this Agreement.

4.2. Payment terms: Any payments and/or other fees due to the Affiliate in respect of Qualified Clients referred by the Affiliate will be made by the End of the Month. Each last day of the Month the Company checks the outstanding amount and proceeds in sending an order for the payment to proceed. The Affiliate understands and acknowledges that the time needed for the payment amount to be received depends on the payment provider and/or the bank.

4.3. Method of Payment: The Affiliate will be paid by Wire transfer upon request or through PayPal if a valid PayPal email address was provided to Human Capital Pro website section “Affiliate Portal”.

5. Provision of Information, Data and Protection

5.1. The Affiliate shall promptly provide the Company with any information which the Company may request as evidence of the matters referred in the Agreement or to comply with Applicable Regulations or otherwise and will notify the Company if there are any material changes to such information.

5.2. It is the Company’s policy to take all necessary steps to ensure that personal data held, is processes fairly and lawfully in accordance with the Personal Data Law.

5.3. The Company holds personal data relating to the Affiliate in connection with the provisions of this Agreement except to the extent that the Company is required or permitted by law. Personal data provided to or obtained by the Company will be used for the purposes of this Agreement. The Company has the right without informing the Affiliate to inform any third parties or authorities in regard to the Affiliate’s personal information, transactions or any other information as it may deem necessary in the case where the Affiliate is directly or indirectly involved in fraud.

5.4. The Affiliate acknowledges, accepts and agrees with the Company’s “Privacy Policy” which is uploaded in the Company’s website.

6. Amendments and Termination

6.1. The Affiliate acknowledges that the Company reserves the right, at any time and under its sole discretion, to unilaterally amend, modify, update or change any of the terms of this Agreement, Addendum, Appendices or Annexes. In such a case, the Company shall notify the Affiliate of the relevant amendments in the Agreement by giving five (5) business days written notice, prior to the amendments coming in force, or by posting the amendment Agreement on the Company’s official website, by indication the date that the amended document will come into force.

6.2. All the amendments will come into effect ten (10) business days after the announcement/notice. It is the Affiliate’s own responsibility to visit the company’s website on a regular basis in order to ensure that (s)he is aware of the latest version of this Agreement.

6.3. In case where the Affiliate does not agree with the amended Agreement, (s)he is obliged to terminate the Agreement by notifying the company in writing within five (5) business days from the date that the amended Agreement comes into effect. If the Affiliate does not act within the five (5) day limit, his/her acceptance of the amended Agreement will be assumed, and the terms of the amended Agreement will apply to the Affiliate.

6.4. This Agreement may be amended from time to time and any changes to the Agreement will not apply to transactions performed prior to the date on which the changes become effective.

6.5. Either party can terminate this Agreement by giving 5 business days written notice to the other party.

6.6. The Company reserves (and shall reserve) the right to terminate this Agreement without notice or any rights of the Affiliate that may fall under the provisions of this Agreement due to suspicion of the Affiliate engaging in activities involving malpractice, breach, failure or other important events including liquidation or insolvency. Such termination will be in the sole discretion of the Company.

6.7. The company has the right to terminate the Agreement or suspend the payments of any commission due to the Affiliate if the referred Client has not met the conditions set out in this Agreement.

6.8. Upon termination of the Agreement, the Company warrants to pay the Affiliate any commission due to the latter as set out in this Agreement provided that the amount outstanding was generated from the proper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.

7. Affiliate Registration

7.1. As part of the affiliation on-boarding procedure, the Affiliate is required to provide us with the following identification documents: (a) Proof of Identity: that is a government issued passport and/or national identity card, AND (b) Proof of Residence: that is a scanned copy of a utility bill (such as water, gas, electricity, landline telephone or landline internet bill reflecting the Affiliate’s full name, address and date of issue. Please note that this document cannot be older than six (6) months.

7.2. The Affiliate agrees and understands that the Company is not to be required (and may be unable under Applicable Regulations) to accept a person and/or a legal entity as our Affiliate until all the information and documentation we require have been received by us, properly and fully completed by such person. The Affiliate further acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to impose additional due diligence requirements to accept such a person and/or a legal entity as an Affiliate.

7.3. The company will evaluate the Affiliate’s application in good faith and will notify the Affiliate of the Company’s acceptance or rejection in a timely manner.

7.4. The Affiliate must provide true, accurate and complete information to the Company, during the registration process and as these may be requested from time to time, about the Affiliate and his/her activities and/or blog and/or website and/or social media profile and/or any other information directly or indirectly related to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In case the Affiliate provides false and/or inaccurate information and/or refuses to provide the requested information/documentation, the Company reserves the right to deny and/or reject the Affiliate application providing the Affiliate with a written notice to his/her registered email address.

7.5. Should there be any changes in any of the provided information (both personal and commercial) the Affiliate is obliged to inform us immediately in writing via email at and without being asked to do so.

7.6. Once the Affiliate is successfully registered and approved by the Company, (s)he will be granted Access to the Affiliates’ Portal. For this site the Affiliate will be able to access information regarding his/her performance, commissions, fees and use the Company’s reporting system, promotional/marketing material to promote/market the Company’s products and services to prospective Client(s).

8. Reports and Affiliate Payments

8.1.         Reports: The Company reports client activities in order to calculate the affiliate commissions based on the Payment Plan. The form, content and frequency of the reports may be changed by us from time to time, at the Company’s sole discretion. You can generate reports provided to you online so that you can gain an overview of your activity and your clients. We herewith exclude any liability for the accuracy or completeness of these reports.

8.2.         Affiliate commissions: The affiliate commissions will be paid out to you every month, after you have concluded the registration process and generated commission due. You may request a different payment plan. We have the right not to accept the payment plan selected by you. Moreover, we may, at any time and after notification, transform any payment plan.

8.3.         Minimum payment and time of payment: Affiliate commissions which are due shall be paid into your affiliate account by the End of Month. For administrative reasons and in order to ensure the security of your account, we reserve the right to restrict the frequency as well as the amounts of payment into your affiliate account within reasonable limits. The minimum payment amount is 100 EURO (one hundred EURO). A lesser amount will be retained by us until the minimum payment amount is reached.

8.4.         Retention after end of contract and fraudulent transactions: If we suspect fraudulent transactions, we may, at our sole discretion, delay the payment of your affiliate commissions for up to one hundred and eighty (120) days, in order to investigate our suspicions and verify the relevant payments provided that there is justifiable and/or reasonable suspicion of a fraudulent action.

8.5.         Payment modality: All payments shall be made in EURO. Transfer fees as well as courier fees shall be borne by you and an appropriate amount shall be deducted from your affiliate commissions. By way of precaution, it should be noted here that we are not obliged to reimburse either money changing fees or any transfer fees arising for the transfer of money into your account.

8.6.        Client Tracking: Under no circumstances are we responsible if you do not use any tracking URL or if the potential Client(s) do not use the system properly. By way of derogation from the rule stipulated here, we can, at our sole discretion, change the tracking system as well as the reporting format at any time.

8.7.         Personal client account: If you register personally as a Client, you will have rights to commissions or any other payments for the activities you undertake under your personal affiliate/client account.

8.8.        Right to challenge: Should you have any objections in regards to the monthly reports or the accounting or the payment amount, such objections must be raised in writing via email to and submitted to us within thirty (60) days from the provision of the report.

8.9          Taxation: The payment of taxes which accrue in connection with the payments made to you is your sole responsibility. You are obliged to adhere to applicable laws and to pay any income tax or similar tax or social security contributions arising.

9. Affiliate Termination

9.1.         Termination by the Affiliate: You have the right to cancel/terminate this Agreement, for any reason, by giving to the Company at least five (5) business days written notice to the following email address: with the subject “Affiliate Cancellation Notification”, specifying the termination date as such. With the statement of cancellation, the participation in the affiliate network ends automatically. We do not allow the cancellation of specific paragraphs or individual pages. In the event of cancellation, any commission due will be paid at the last day of the month.

9.2.         Termination by the Company: We have the right to cancel/terminate this Agreement, the entire contract or any individual provisions or cancel any referred Clients for any reason, by giving to the Affiliate at least five (5) business days written notice to the email address that the Affiliate provided us. Should we cancel/terminate the entire contract, we are entitled to automatically deactivate all trackers. With the termination of this Agreement, you will no longer receive any affiliate commissions. If we end a specific tracker, the remaining trackers will not be affected.

9.3.         The Affiliate accepts that the Company reserves the right to terminate or suspend this Agreement immediately, without notice, in any of the following cases:

(a) The Affiliate violates or breaches any provision of the Agreement

(b) The Affiliate passed away;

(c) There has been malpractice, deceit, failure or other significant event, including liquidation, bankruptcy, insolvency or winding-up proceedings, on the part of the Affiliate.

(d) The Affiliate involves the Company directly or indirectly in any type of fraud;

(e) Termination is required by any competent regulatory authority or body;

(f) The Affiliate violated a law or a regulation to the jurisdiction to which he/she is subject to and/or the laws or the regulations of the Republic of Cyprus;

(g) the Affiliate did not respond to any of the verification messages sent to him/her within a reasonable period. In the event of an automatic ending of the contract, all the cash resources remaining in the affiliate account pass to us.

(h) After the Affiliate’s termination we reserve the right, at our discretion, to continue to operate, reroute or deactivate trackers, without this resulting in any obligation for us to pay the Affiliate any amount for Clients who we acquire in the process.

(i) With the settlement of the amount due on the date of termination of the contract all our contractual obligations are deemed fulfilled we shall not have any further obligations to the Affiliate.

10. Representations and Warranties

The Company makes no express or implied representations or warranties and/or do not extend any warranties or binding declarations (whether explicit or implicit or in any other way) regarding of our affiliate network, our webpage(s), our website or any content, products or services which are offered there or are related thereto, or that our pages, the website, the system, network, software or hardware (or that made available to us by third parties) are faultless or without disruptions or with respect to the quality, marketability, individual suitability or suitability in respect of the foregoing unless explicitly otherwise regulated in this agreement, all kinds of warranties, binding declarations, implicit terms and conditions are debarred as far as legally permissible.

11. Communication

11.1.      Any communication or written notice by the Affiliate to the Company shall be given in writing to the email address: Each communication sent by e-mail is deemed to have been received on the earlier of the dispatch of a confirmation of receipt or 24 hours after the transmission depending upon which is earlier.

11.2.      The Affiliate must provide genuine contact information to us for both parties to communicate effectively. Should the Affiliate fail to provide genuine contact details or is not responding to requests to communicate over a three (3) month period, the company retains the right to terminate this Agreement. During the suspended period, the Affiliate will not earn any commission generated during this time.

11.3.      Relationship of the parties: The Parties in the Agreement are independent contractors. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted or construed so as to create any relationship between the Affiliate and the Company in the form of an association, partnership, joint venture, employment, agency, representative, branch office or franchise between the Parties or impose any liability attributable to such relationship upon either Party. Neither party shall have any right, power or authority to enter into any agreement for, or on behalf of, or bind the other party in any way (this includes representation or guarantee, debt assumption of an obligation or liability and/or the exercise of any right or power of attorney), unless explicitly provided for in this Agreement.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1.      The Affiliate accepts that this Agreement and all transactional relations between the Affiliate and the Company shall be deemed to have been concluded in Cyprus and is subject to the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus and must be interpreted in accordance therewith. You irrevocably agree that the competent courts for the settlement of any disputes which may arise from this Agreement between the parties shall be the district court(s) of the Republic of Cyprus. You hereby relinquish the right to object to the lack of territorial or subject-matter jurisdiction of a court.

12.2.      This clause does not deprive us of the right to lodge a complaint against you in any other court of jurisdiction, nor does it deprive us of the option to lodge a complaint in other jurisdictions in the event of a complaint covered by one or more jurisdictions, regardless of whether this happens at the same time, as long as that jurisdiction’s law permits it.

13. The Entire Agreement

13.1.      This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement and the related consensus between the parties regarding the object of this Agreement and supersedes all previous or subsequent verbal or written agreements or understandings between or among the parties hereto with respect to the subject-matter of this Agreement, except for the modifications to the agreement offered by the Company.

13.2.      Each of the parties acknowledges and agrees that the conclusion of this agreement does not imply any statement, declaration, guaranteed assurance, agreement, declaration of obligation, promise or assurance (whether issued intentionally or unintentionally) by any party (whether a party to this agreement or not) which is not explicitly stipulated in this agreement. Each of the parties irrevocably and unconditionally relinquishes all claims, rights and damages which, except for this clause, it could assert in connection with the aforementioned. Nothing in this section should limit or exclude a liability for fraud.

13.3.      The heading and titles contained in this Agreement are included for convenience only and shall not limit or otherwise affect the terms of this Agreement or its interpretation.

Last updated on January 13, 2020


Zirichis, 2nd Floor, Flat/Office 301, 3048, Limassol, Cyprus,

Telephone: +357 70087075, email:,



The Affiliate will be entitled to the following compensation scheme when the Referred Client has been converted to a Qualified Client and paid for the provision of the Company’s service or product.

Revenue Share Commission: 50% of the service (or product) purchased price, per service or product purchased.

Example – Lead Conversion and Commission Generation Steps:

  • Affiliate places carefully the referral media in order to redirect prospective clients to the Company’s website.
  • The Referred Client decides to purchase Human Capital Pro service. As soon as the payment is verified, commission 50% of the amount paid is generated and recorded in the Affiliate’s Portal.
  • The Affiliate will receive any commission due, generated at the end of each month from the Affiliate’s operations in combination with the fulfillment of the requirements of this agreement.


(a) Acceptable Countries to target clients

Cross Border Services to Member States

• Austria • Bulgaria • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France,
• Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Italy • Latvia • Lichtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Slovak • Republic • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • The Netherlands • United Kingdom


Cross Border Services to Countries outside EU

• Albania • Andorra • Angola • Antigua and Barbuda • Argentina • Armenia • Australia • Azerbaijan • Bahamas • Bahrain • Bangladesh • Barbados • Belarus • Belize • Brazil • Brunei • Cameroon• Chile • China • Colombia • Costa Rica • Cote d’Azur • Dominican • Republic • Egypt • FYROM (Macedonia) • Georgia • Greenland (Danish Territory), • Guatemala • Hong Kong • India, Israel • Jamaica • Jordan • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Korea, • South • Kuwait • Kyrgyzstan • Lebanon • Malaysia • Maldives • Mexico • Moldova • Monaco • Mongolia • Montenegro • Morocco • Namibia • New Zealand • New • Caledonia • Oman • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Philippines • Qatar • Russia • Saint • Vincent and the Grenadines • San Marino • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Seychelles • Singapore • South Africa • Sri Lanka • Swaziland • Switzerland • Tanzania • Thailand • Tunisia • Turkey • United Arab Emirates • Uruguay • Venezuela • Viet Nam • Virgin • Islands • Zimbabwe


(b) Non-acceptable countries to refer clients from

• Afghanistan • Algeria • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Belgium • Canada • Crimea • Cote D’Ivoire • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – North Korea • Guyana • Iran • Iraq • Lao People’s Democratic Republic • Myanmar • Papua New Guinea • Sudan • Syria • Uganda • Ukraine • United States • Vanuatu • Yemen

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