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Mr. Marios C.Kyriakou is an Economist and professional in Online Trading, Forex and CFDs with more than 7 years of experience. He has worked for leading brokers in the Online Trading Industry. Through his career he managed to accumulate extensive knowledge and experience with award winning Online Trading Platforms. His hard work and dedication achieved acknowledgement and several promotions.

He is also the founder of HCPro Human Capital Professional Education dedicated in providing knowledge, top quality educational and training services to students, employees and investors in the financial markets.

Mr. Marios is the host of Human Capital Pro YouTube channel where you can find free useful educational videos and and Q&A discussions that will help you solve daily life issues, educate yourself and, most importantly, grow both professionally and personally.

Mr. Nektarios Aristidis has more than 10 years of experience in Sales and Business Development. He started working hard to make a career from a young age when he had the opportunity to work at one of the largest telecommunication providers in Cyprus. Through his career, Nektarios worked for many businesses, in different sectors of the economy, and has accumulated unparalleled knowledge in sales. After many years of interacting with people, having different preferences and needs on the retail level, he proceeded later on to the stage of interacting with business owners.

He was, and still, is responsible for developing the business side of an organization which involves introducing its services and benefits. After extensive practice and continuous professional and personal development through attending training and business seminars, he managed to gain trust and respect from clients on a continuous basis.

Nektarios is the co-host of Human Capital Pro YouTube channel.

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