Marios C.Kyriakou

HCPro | Forex & CFDs, Economics and Trading Academy Director and Educator

Trading instructor, Technical Analyst, MQL Programmer and experienced Portfolio Manager, Marios C.Kyriakou has been working in the financial services industry for 10 years. Marios is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of the markets, refining his own personal strategies, and educating those interested in delving deeper into the world trading and investing online. After gaining a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, Marios went on to work for key-players and major brokers in the industry and was able to accumulate extensive knowledge and experience with various technologies including dealing operation software and programming software.

Mr. Kyriakou founded HCPro Human Capital Professional Education, an online business entity that is dedicated to providing knowledge, top-quality educational and training services. The HCPro team specializes in the area of Economics, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Online Trading/Investment, Risk Management, Education, and Training.

“Through our training sessions, seminars, speaking, and coaching, we empower students, employees, and entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to succeed.”

Online Forex/CFD Brokers and Financial Sector

Marios entered the financial services industry in 2013 when he started gaining solid experience in Online Trading. Specifically, he managed to accumulate extensive knowledge and experience with award winning Online Trading Platforms and interact with various Liquidity and Technology providers while he was holding key positions such as Senior Dealer, Head of RTO and Head of Portfolio Management in huge brokerage companies.

Key Relevant Experience

  • He has been interacting with leading developers of financial software, has extensive knowledge and experience with MT4, MT5, cTrader and with other various Multi-Asset in-house built Trading Platforms.
  • He has been taking decisions having direct impact on an organization’s profitability and risk mitigation. He has taken responsibility over managing risk, monitoring and assessment of risk systems and platforms.
  • He was responsible for profiling clients, covering exposures in accordance with the risk management policy. He has experience in identifying clients’ abusive trading strategies and fraudulent activities.
  • He has been responsible for training provision as well as offering guidance and support to all staff of an organization.
  • He has been involved in financial market fundamental analysis, as well as technical analysis.

Education and Teaching

As a former teacher in Economics at private educational institutes, Marios has provided high quality educational services allowing him to gain the experience of interacting with the young generation. This opportunity took him a step further in enhancing his communication skills, presentation skills and the confidence of speaking to an audience regarding numerous interesting subjects. Moreover, in this sector, Marios has identified the need for the young generation to be provided with proper education by scientifically literate individuals.

He conducted several seminars and presentations regarding Economics, Online Trading and Science Communication in Cyprus having great acknowledgment and feedback.

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