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  • What is unique about our service: Nearly a decade of experience in the industry. We tackle the complexity of products and services offered in the financial services sector.
  • Do it online. Live sessions supplemented with readings and assessments for students to complete. The fees vary depending on preference between a) Private (one-on-one sessions) b) Group sessions (be part of a group).
  • Satisfying business needs: “tailor-made” seminars following the European Standards for Professional Studies as indicated by  HRDA: http://www.anad.org.cy/.

HCPro Academy: Professional Studies and Programmes

Professionals with proven record of experience in major Investment Firms and Brokers are providing unparalleled educational services leading you through all the steps necessary to gain knowledge and skills around Economics, Financial Services and Online Investing/ Trading.

Become a smart, well-informed investor, learn to develop your own trading and risk management strategies and succeed in avoiding losses from hidden risks and costs. Our team aims to provide you with all the necessary information that relates to this industry so you will be fully informed when making investment decisions, focusing on mitigating risk and safeguarding your funds from unnecessary loss.

Learn Investing with Financial Platforms, Investor Protection and Risk Control.

From solid foundation for beginners to advanced technical and fundamental analysis for experienced investors. We cover everything there is to know about investing online. We focus on the risks and giving you the information you need to protect your funds.

Learn Algorithmic Trading with MQL & EAs / Trading Robots and Strategy Backtesting.

Learn how to analyze the financial markets automatically with the use of trading robots (Expert Advisers), how to perform automated trading, how to Back-test your trading ideas and strategies with historical data. Learning how to code is essential for any investor/trader online.

Learn Economics – Basic and Advanced Courses for anyone who wants to improve.

The study of economics is the best way to acquire problem-solving skills and develop logical and an ordered way to counter problems. Boost your performance in any sector of your life with their disciplined approach to the analysis of social issues. Suitable also for college/university students.

Engage in Workshops – Practical Implementation and Learning. Offline and Online small groups.

Extensive knowledge and expertise on essential tools used in financial services. This relates to several software packages used in businesses such as Financial Services software, Risk Management Software, Client Relationship Management (CRM), WordPress.

Economics and Financial Markets

Economics provides insight into the operation of individual markets for goods and services and financial markets. Importantly, it provides the quantitative and analytical skills that enable people to succeed in almost every area in business. Learn how to use the available tools we have today and how technological progress transformed the way we make transactions and our lives. Our aim is not only to provide educational material but also to achieve teaching excellence.

Risk Management

Human Capital Pro has a team of experienced and certified professionals who have been working for major brokers and technology providers for years. We have worked with PrimeXM, OneZero, Metaquotes, Spotware, Taapas and other risk management and bridge solutions.

Market and Data Analysis

We provide research, information, and potential TP, SL levels related to investment opportunities that come to our attention while we analyze the market. The below are the weekly market analysis results along with our success ratio related to forecasting.

Workforce Preparation

CV & Interview Preparation courses for successfully finding a job. Create a professional CV with a structure proven to be preferred by interviewers and recruitment offices. Learn the importance of keeping a record of your professional life and how.

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“Human Capital is the sum total of a person’s knowledge and skills, one of the most important factors of production and provision of services.

In order to be able to educate others, you must first equip your self with the vast knowledge and skills required to do the job, otherwise you are not actually helping. I took the challenge on setting high goals so one day this can be achievable. It involved studying and hard work that eventually paid-off, earning respect and credibility. Take the first step in learning from the people who have been “there” and stop believing in a “free lunch”!

Qualified, experienced and highly skilled, me and my Team are now in the position to provide quality, professional educational services, with focus in boosting your personal, professional development and performance in the field of your choice.

Founder of HCPro …read more

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Disclaimer: Our education and mentoring programs are created and delivered by professionals working in the Financial Services Industry with over 10 years of experience. While the programmes have been prepared in good faith, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be made and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by the creator to the accuracy or completeness of the information presented or any other written or oral information made available to any interested party and any such liability is expressly disclaimed.
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