Marios Kyriakou


Consider an individual, taking a decision. As soon as the decision was taken, he or she will behave with specific ways in space-time, and maybe for a very long period of time. From that moment on, the calculations in the person’s mind, the way of thinking, trigger specific body movements in space-time. That person will interact with the environment and people around him/her in specific ways (i.e. body movements, the way that person talks to other people etc).
A decision to be a good citizen, for example, after it was taken, it means that the person will act in such ways (for a specific period of time) consistent with the rules of the legal framework in which everybody operates and governs our behavior. i.e. to stop on a red light, to not do drugs, not steal from other people etc.

Another decision might be, for example, “to get money in my pocket, or bank account, by all means necessary”, then that person will do whatever it takes to acquire it, even if it is to hurt other people, to steal, to kill, to do harm, to act selfishly, to treat his or her colleagues with disrespect, to lie, to cheat, to withhold information, to manipulate…and the fear of loosing that money, will eventually destroy the people around that person. (Imagine if that person managed to get a high position in an organization).
All the above are possible, as long as there are ways for that person to get away with it. Indeed there are. I still wonder why…
Now, let’s say that the person’s decision is to “provide a service to others, to help other people, to help them satisfy their needs and wants and respect them”. Then that person’s actions (which is characterized as ”behavior”) in space-time will be a lot different. Because the person will focus on finding ways to offer services either as an employee or as an employer, through the market mechanism. No lies, no cheat, no information withhold, no manipulation. That person will focus on finding ways to develop him or herself personally, get education, true information and provide his or her knowledge to others, building long-term relationships with others.
The quality of communication and human interaction will be a lot higher by taking that one decision.
“An organism is sustainable as long as you keep it healthy”
You see… it takes one decision to trigger a chain of body movements, one decision to trigger a chain of words coming from a person’s mouth affecting the way of thinking and emotions of other people, one decision that will determine if a work environment will be good or bad, toxic or inspiring, one decision that determines your behavior for the next couple of minutes, hours, days, months or years affecting your own and other people’s lives, and THAT decision might have been taken a long, long time ago…
Now, what if… you take another decision today?

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