Marios Kyriakou


Utilize the powerful Microsoft Excel

The world is full with information regarding the possibilities of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and data handling, however knowing is not so important. Knowing means that I have saved data and information inside my head, but what happens when I forget? We have limitations as human beings, we all have. Remember that there is no shame in forgetting. However, there is shame when we have the available information saved in servers, data centers (having access through internet) and we don’t know how to find that information when we want to, when it is mostly needed.

Marios Kyriakou has been working with the Microsoft Office Package for years utilizing its powerful tools for increasing productivity and efficiency.
Be ahead of the competition by learning how to think and how to find invaluable information in order to increase your productivity level with Microsoft Office and especially Microsoft Excel. Marios will help you create projects using hypothetical data, similar with the one’s that you will come face to face in your everyday life.
How to use the available information is the important part! But what information is available? If you do not understand how the world works, then you will not know!
It is important that you become scientifically literate to question every authority and every system that imposes one way to obtain knowledge and training and how to use the available tools to produce or providing your services. There is not one way but multiple ways.
It is important that you take this opportunity to learn from an experienced individual what challenges you will face at work and how to find information quickly enough to help you with your projects.
It is important that you learn how to save valuable time, thus countering deadlines.
Please note, you will not learn this at school. Get help from people who have actually “been there”.

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