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Students, youngsters, newcomers in the labor market, reporting employees, adults with outdated knowledge and skills are often bombarded by a vast amount of information that may leave them overwhelmed. To make sure that we will provide quality education, we give you a breakdown of the fundamentals and lay the basis for you so you can work your way to the top; all you have to do is read up and prepare for your journey towards growth to begin.

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Our team has carefully selected the professionals who will offer you the knowledge you seek. With a simple and effective communication structure of articles and supportive videos we are in the position to help you understand everything you need. Reach to us any time for feedback and support or something specific you need to know.
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Webinars are seminars conducted over the Internet. We find the usage of an online seminar to be a highly beneficial and cost-effective way to provide educational services. We can reach thousands of students and other interested parties helping  them to grow while they enjoy the convenience of their own place.
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Part A: Basic Introduction to Economics

Economics and Decisions

Consumer Behavior

Economic Systems

The Market and Production

Part B: Higher Education Economics 1

Production Possibilities

Money and Inflation

The Market and Price Formation

The Financial System

Part C: Higher Education Economics 2

Economic Indicators

Production and Costs of Production

Market Forms


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